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What is Traffic and Leads generation:

In this era of online traffic and lead generation, your website is the arena for your online activity. Without Website visitors or traffic you have got no one to convert into leads. So, our first priority is to bring traffic to your website.

Generating Traffic and Leads

Website traffic refers to potential customers or audiences who visit the website. And, website visibility means the website is visible to your target audience, on a particular search query or search term.

A search query or search term refers to the query or terms entered on the search bar of a search engine by your target audience.

The website visibility can be increased only by ranking on the top sections of a search engine. And, the ranking can be increased by doing SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Website site traffic is important to you in many ways. Therefore, the more your website visibility increases, the chances of driving traffic to your website also increases.

So, you see why it is very important to bring traffic to your website.

But, not simply anyone!

Now you can choose the best affordable package from the amazing array of our customized Traffic and Leads Generation Services.

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Who is your target traffic?

We need to bring the right traffic. Target the people who will buy your products and services, who we usually call the target audience or traffic.

We do this by identifying what content, service, or product the potential customers are searching for. We make your website visible to them when they are searching the internet.

So, it becomes our responsibility to narrow down your target audience and then convert them into your website traffic. And, then start working on driving those onto your website.

Website traffic in turn leads generation:

Now that you know the importance of traffic on your website, there are basically two ways to bring in traffic:

Organic way of traffic and leads generation:

These are the non-paid or non-sponsored way, in which you do not have to go for paid ads. It is a natural way to rank a website on the first search engine result page. Though this method takes some time it is considered to be the most potential. As, its influence is effective in the long-run.

Inorganic way of traffic and leads generation:

These are paid ways, where you place ads. Though these ways yield quicker results and might increase the initial placements, the influence does not last for long.

Which is the best way to drive traffic to your website?

The best way to drive traffic to your website depends on many factors. The major factor being the funds or monetary provisions your business has allotted for the purpose of Online Marketing or Digital Marketing.

Organic or Inorganic, in both ways you might have to get professional support from a Digital Marketing Agency or Online Marketing Consultancy. But, for the organic way you will just have to pay for the support extended by the agency for doing the on-page SEO or other optimization initiatives. And, while going in for the inorganic way you have to pay for the ads as well as have to hire a team of professionals. Or outsource it to the digital marketing agencies, who will be taking care of the inorganic SEO. And the other aspects which needs to be implemented while promoting your website.

So, keeping in mind the above-mentioned point, for start-ups and or small businesses organic SEO is the best-suggested option. As, it will provide your website with a strong online foundation in your niche. And, if done correctly, might take some time but in the due course will surely yield effective results.

While investing in the inorganic way of promotion, you have to make sure you are investing in the right campaigns.

And then, ranking on potential keywords and queries to bring out the optimum results keeping the ROI factor balanced. Inorganic SEO is more accurate in targeting customers. For that, you might need a dedicated team of professionals to care for the campaigns, research, and analysis. This is the reason it could be a bit heavy on the expense part.

Organic or Inorganic SEO – Which is better ?

Both the organic and inorganic SEO works independently towards the common goal of driving traffic to your website. Therefore both can be done in phases. The cost involved in both the cases vary due to its implementation process. Hence, use the combination of both the processes after working out and computing a proper budget. Spending too much on paid advertising should be avoided. Rather, you should channel various other resources to create relevant and useful content your target viewer. This will help to retain your audience and encourage them to return to your website also bringing new visitors.

How to generate leads?

Now, after the proper SEO elements are taken care of on your website, we start by identifying the elements required to generate leads and start working on them.

Here we present to you some basic but proven and working methods to generate leads:

Include a Contact number:

Adding a contact number on your website enhances consumer trust and reliability.

Post forms on every page:

Forms are a great way to collect leads, like the e-mail id or phone number of the potential customer. But, filling out a form by the customer is only possible when the reason to fill the form is strong and intriguing enough. The potential customer should get or find something very useful or some valuable information after filling out the form. And another important aspect is to ask for less information on the form. As customers are reluctant to fill out a form that asks for a huge amount of personal information.

Add Images, Graphs, Pictures & Testimonials:

Graphical, imagery, or pictographic representations are a great way to ensure the trustworthiness of the content. Video media can also be a way to enrich content representation and user engagement.

Using Trust Seals:

The trust seal is granted by an authority or entity for display. For the purpose to represent that the concerned business ensures security and business identity. This trust seal helps in creating trust and prove credibility and reliability.

Identifying the end-goal:

First, you have to identify what actions you want the user to take, as they progress through the sales funnel. Every step should be worth it, spontaneous. Some examples are like signing up for newsletters, e-mails, callbacks, etc.

Making use of white space:

It is very important to provide the content, images CTA buttons some breathing space. It is not recommended to add something to every available space on the page just to take up room. Content overflow will only serve as a distraction to customers and lower the ROI.

As, every website is unique in its own way depending on the niche, category, business, and purpose it solves, therefore we need to consider all the above-mentioned elements. Keeping a balance is very important. Therefore, regular testing on the methods implemented follows while taking into account the feedback from the analytics.

How do we do it?

Admunicate Digital is among the best Digital Marketing Agency, on whom you can depend upon to bring in traffic to your website and generate leads through them.

Step 1

After the proper optimization of a website, we start conducting an audit of where most of the traffic and outreach is coming from. Depending on the results we enhance our promotional on email marketing, Social media, Live Chat, and Blog posts.

Step 2

Measuring the performance of each lead generator is our priority, so as to optimally use the time and effort. Evaluating and comparing the existing lead generators with the results on how much each of them is contributing to the ROI of your business is the purpose.

Step 3

Individually optimizing each of the lead generators is the next step towards making a structured framework for reaching the preset goals. Some of the tactics are to use contrasting and intriguing colors on CTAs, creating a well-designed landing page, Creating a refreshing and enriching Thank You page, Thank You page is where a visitor is led to after submitting a form.

Step 4

Creating a system of Kickback or Reply E-mail.

Step 5

Offering e-books to download on specific blog posts, and information containing content or product usefulness, product properties, product manuals, or related product information or information of the range of products offered by your brand or business.

Step 6

Nurturing your leads as well so as to convert them to customers, by follow-up emails, etc.

Industries Admunicate Digital has served:

It gives us immense pleasure to speak about our accomplishments in various genres, niches, brands, and categories of business like Education, Travel, Health, Garments, FMCG, Electronics, Industrial equipment, etc. We have a regular clientele of some of the leading brands.

“We serve to build a relationship. It is a journey holding hands to take your business to the pinnacle.”